Register Your M2M Device



Q. The MiNi currently comes with AT&T and T-Mobile. Are there any plans to have a Verizon model?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Why do I have to turn on Opening and Closing reports in my panel?
A. Opening and Closing reports tell your remote app, RControl, the status change of your panel. The reports are included in the cost of the unit, so you will not be charged extra fees for this service.

Q. Can I adapt the GSM for listen in?
A. No, this GSM is a data only device.

Q. Can I install this on a self contained 9 volt system.
A. No, currently this device runs on 12 VDC. However, you can use a separate 12 VDC power supply.

Q. How do I know I have good signal strength.
A. If your red light is on solid, your signal strength is good.

Q. I have had trouble getting a key switch to work.
A. Some panels require the key-switch zone to be used with a resistor. Strap your resistor across COM and your zone. Put your orange wire on the zone.

Q. My DSC 832 isn’t sending signals.
A. The 832 does not have automatic Contact ID signals. You must manually program the Contact ID for all the reporting zones that you want. There is a Contact ID manual on the programming page.